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Noise pollution has been recognized gradually with the relevant laws and regulations enacted. Noise has also become a big problem affecting people's production and life. It can even affect our health. Many industrial enterprises pay great attention to noise problem because of their social responsibility and concern for employees. Enterprise production must not affect the lives of the surrounding residents, nor adversely affect the health of the workers. Therefore, the demands for noise and vibration control in industrial enterprises is becoming more and more urgent. However, the settlement of this demands often meet many difficulties, such as lack of sound professional knowledge, monitoring methods and equipment management, the basic theories and methods and so on. More and more industrial enterprises are eager to study and understand these the content of knowledge and theory further.

In order to help industrial enterprises to solve the problem of noise pollution, and create a good communication platform, the regular Training of Noise and vibration control engineering are held every year. We invite famous acoustic experts and professors to discuss and share the knowledge of acoustics, the basic theories and methods of noise and vibration control, classic cases, acoustic measurement, etc.


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