Acoustic Technology Service

Based on more than 10 years' practical experience in acoustic design and engineering, we provide systematic, complete, comprehensive and efficient acoustic technology service for industrial enterprises.

Acoustic technology services include the following:

Acoustics Consultant

What is an acoustical consultant?

Using the professional knowledge and practical experience of acoustic engineering, acoustics consultant provides technical services such as comprehensive, professional advice, guidance, solutions and preliminary project budget for customers. 

To meet the requirements of Ministry of Ecological Environment, the occupational health related departments and enterprises themselves, acoustics consultant will give full range technical support in the aspects of acoustic indicators, overall layout, function arrangement, sound absorption structure, muffler design, acoustic calculation, equipment bidding, professional installation etc。


1. Measure noise sources and analyze noise characteristics.

   Analyze the noise data provided and predict the noise。

   Final documents: Noise data tables, noise plan, noise spectrum, noise map, etc.

2. Acoustic Solution and Suggestions

   Revamping of equipment, improvement of transmission routes, reconstruction of noise space and optimal management, etc。 

3。 Technical exchange and discussion (Technical Conference)

   Technical exchanges and discussions with relevant departments (production department, maintenance department, etc.) for acoustic solutions.

4。 Provide professional suggestions and checks for bidding of projects。

5. Preliminary evaluation of the project to provide a basis for decision

6. Technical Disclosure Conference

   Technical disclosure to the technical department or the construction unit before the project implementation.

7. Technical guidance in the process of construction.

8. Acceptance, measurement, effect evaluation and analysis

Acoustic Detection of Products for Quality Department

Fully understand the requirements of the acoustic quality inspection of products, and analyze it. We offer feasible suggestions and solutions for enterprises. And we provide technical support for quality control, quality inspection on production line or off the line.

Development of Acoustic Performance for R & D Department

We analyze the acoustic performance of products, and provide a clear direction for the optimization of its acoustic performance。 We also make suggestions and plans for the acoustic environment needed for the R & D。

Acoustic Test

With the advantages of R & D and experimental center, we help enterprises to test the acoustic performance such as sound insulation, sound absorption, sound power of their own products, and provide professional test reports.

Acoustic Training

A series of noise pollution related laws and regulations and environmental taxes have been introduced. Many industrial enterprises are paying more and more attention to the problem of noise pollution. In order to help industrial enterprises to solve the problem of noise pollution and create a good platform for communication, we invite the leading experts to work together with our own engineers to organize the Training Of Noise And Vibration Control Engineering. We have more than 10 years of experience in noise control and vibration control engineering. So the training provides professional training and guidance for related personnel. Through the training, you can obtain professional acoustic knowledge, understand the means of monitoring, study the basic theory and methods of noise control, solve difficulties and questions in the actual work.

For more training details, please click:Fund Acoustic Training

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