Based on the strong human resources, software and hardware resources, profound theoretical basis and rich practical experience, we provide systematic, complete, comprehensive and efficient acoustic technology services for enterprises。 We are committed to improve the development ability and efficiency of customers, analysis of product acoustic performance, improve product quality, improve the customers value。

Systematic - From the planning, building, reconstruction and expansion of industrial factories to the various stages of the normal production and operation, the intervention of acoustics technology service makes the enterprises know the noise of their own. The noise of the whole enterprise becomes visible and analysis data. Then enterprises establish perfect acoustic number systems. According to these systems, enterprises can respond calmly at every stage of the development and when the relevant departments' policies or national standards change.

Complete - According to the noise situation of whole enterprises, we not only measure and analyze the status of noise, but also offer feasible solutions. We even predict the noise situation and give a complete proposal and plan for the development of enterprises.

Comprehensive - Our acoustic technology services not only focus on the noise problems of enterprises, but also cover all the fields of acoustics involved in industrial enterprises, such as acoustic testing of quality departments, research on acoustic performance of R & D departments etc. We provide professional and comprehensive technical services for different fields.

Efficient - Since establishment in 2005, we have completed hundreds of acoustic engineering successfully in various industries, for different types of equipment and in different environments。 So we can react more quickly to the noise situation。 Through the combination of acoustic software and mature schemes, we can build modeling more quickly。 We can not only simulate the effect of noise reduction, but also can choose the best measure considering the economic, process , efficiency etc。

Acoustics Consultant

What is an acoustical consultant?

Using the professional knowledge and practical experience of acoustic engineering, acoustics consultant provides technical services such as comprehensive, professional advice, guidance, solutions and preliminary project budget for customers. 

To meet the requirements of Ministry of Ecological Environment, the occupational health related departments and enterprises themselves, acoustics consultant will give full range technical support in the aspects of acoustic indicators, overall layout, function arrangement, sound absorption structure, muffler design, acoustic calculation, equipment bidding, professional installation etc。

Importance of acoustic consultants

Construction period - overall consideration, optimization design, no hidden danger。

Production period - grasp the overall situation of enterprise noise, the overall plan, implement step by step.

What can acoustic consultants do for industrial enterprises?

Comprehensive noise data

The enterprise establishes a comprehensive noise data of the whole factory, including the noise distribution simulation of the factory boundary, the workstation and the inside of the factory.

Noise control of equipment

The noise and vibration of equipment are monitored and analyzed. The noise source is located, and feasible solutions are put forward.

A new factory, workshop, or production line

Acoustic suggestions are provided in the early stage of the project to meet the noise limitation standards of industrial enterprises (to save the noise reduction cost in the later stage)。

Professional acoustic consultation service

Provide a full range of advisory services for Environmental Acoustics (including environmental impact assessment, occupational health, etc.).


1。 Measure noise sources and analyze noise characteristics。

pk10手机投注计算   Analyze the noise data provided and predict the noise.

   Final documents: Noise data tables, noise plan, noise spectrum, noise map, etc。

2. Acoustic Solution and Suggestions

   Revamping of equipment, improvement of transmission routes, reconstruction of noise space and optimal management, etc. 

3. Technical exchange and discussion (Technical Conference)

   Technical exchanges and discussions with relevant departments (production department, maintenance department, etc。) for acoustic solutions。

4. Provide professional suggestions and checks for bidding of projects.

5. Preliminary evaluation of the project to provide a basis for decision

6. Technical Disclosure Conference

   Technical disclosure to the technical department or the construction unit before the project implementation.

7. Technical guidance in the process of construction.

8。 Acceptance, measurement, effect evaluation and analysis

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