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As a professional acoustics company, we provide our customers a series of solutions for products' acoustic performance, research and development, including acoustic laboratories, acoustic instruments, measurement methods and acoustic consulting.

With these professional technology and skills, we have developed and produced professional and mature range of products (FDA-QC) for Noise-Reduction Room, which are approved by clients because the acoustical effect, modular installation and repeatable disassembly etc。 They can provide the necessary sound environment which meet the requirements of quality inspection and product research and development in enterprises。

We have designed and established a lot anechoic chambers, semi-anechoic chambers, reverberation chambers, noise-free rooms, acoustic testing rooms and developed many acoustic devices for acoustic testing.

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Anechoic Chamber

As per clients’ requirements, we design the stimulated free sound field laboratory。 Every part of this chamber is installed with high efficiency sound absorbing structure。 99% sound can be absorbed within the scope of needed frequency, which makes reflected sound wave no more than the specified range。 In addition, we apply sound isolation, vibration isolation to ensure that exterior noise and vibration are not able to affect in-room test。 We ensure this chamber does not have sound refection and disturb, and meet requirements of free sound field。

Absorbing treatment is a key point for an anechoic chamber。 In order to get the best sound free field performance, we apply wedges with great absorbing ability or flat-plate resonance sound absorption structures。

Reverberation chamber

Reverberation chamber is a kind of laboratory for sound spread stimulation。 The surrounding material of reverberation chambers must be thick, smooth with low sound-absorbing coefficient, so as to ensure most space of the room meet requirements of spreading sound field。

The center frequency can decide volume of a reverberation chamber. It is normally a cuboid with a hemisphere, cylindrical or other protruded inside stricter to maximize its spreading ability. Moreover, we use materials with low absorbing coefficient, such as tiles, marbles, terrazzo to control absorbing coefficient at or lower than 0.06.

Soundproof room

Soundproof room is used to test the sound isolation capability of building component, such as floors, walls, windows, ceilings, glass walls, partition panel, faucet, etc. It meets the acoustic testing requirements of ISO 10140, GB/T19889, ISO 10848, ISO 3822, ASTM E90, ASTM E1414, ASTM1111. 

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