Industrial noise reduction

As a professional acoustics company, we have rich experience in noise and vibration control. In the past more than 10 years, we have undertaken hundreds of projects.

Guided by advanced acoustic theories, we propose customized plan for clients, applying technologies of sound absorbing, insulation, damping, sound reducing, vibration reduction, vibration isolation to control sound filed, reduce noise and improve clients’ acoustic environment.

The noise reduction project mainly includes occupational health noise prevention and noise reduction at boundary of industrial enterprises.

It covers all kinds of noise equipment of industrial enterprises, such as heat pump units, cooling towers, pumps, vacuum pumps, fans, compressors, large stamping equipment, metallurgical equipment and automatic equipment and the production lines。

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Noise reduction in Chemical Industry

Noise reduction in Food and Medical Industry

Noise reduction in Manufacture Industry

Noise reduction in Other Industry

General process of industrial noise reduction

Industrial noise reduction project is often complicated because it involves many departments, such as production department, maintenance department, equipment department and so on. Although looks simple, the whole process needs to be coordinated and assisted. For example, in the process of the solution design, the project needs to meet the requirements of various departments. It can not cause bad effects on production technology, production efficiency and equipment maintenance. So we need to fully communicate with the various departments and improve the design.

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