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  Shanghai Fund Acoustics Engineering Co., Ltd (FDA) was established in March, 2005, which specialized in acoustics technology study and acoustic environment management.

  In August 2018, We won the title of High-tech Enterprise.

Our Business

  Acoustic Laboratory - We have designed and established a lot anechoic chambers, semi-anechoic chambers, reverberation chambers, noise-free rooms, acoustic testing rooms and developed many acoustic devices for acoustic testing。       

  Industrial Noise Reduction - Noise and vibration control for industrial enterprises, including production lines, power equipment, factory area etc。 We provide comprehensive services such as measurement, design, manufacturing and installation for industrial enterprises to solve their problems of noise, which will affect environmental assessment andoccupational health。

  Acooustic Technology Service - Based on more than 10 years' practical experience in acoustic design and engineering, we provide systematic, complete, comprehensive and efficient acoustic technology service for industrial enterprises. Acooustic Technology Service mainly contains: acoustics consultant, acoustic detection of products, development of acoustic performance, acoustic test and acoustic training.

Our Clients

  We offer noise control services for many industries, including chemical, food, medical treatments, machinery, steel companies, automobiles, electronic, household appliances, etc. aiming to help create a super-silent environment. Our business covers many provinces and cities around the country.

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Our Advantages

  We have our own technology R & D and experimental center。 Committed to the new acoustic structure and acoustic materials research and development for many years。 And have won many utility models patents and invention patents。

  We have rich experiences on the design and construction of acoustic laboratories, reducing noise and controlling vibration. We have a professional team with great ability of technological innovation, manufacturing, installing and constructing. Providing a series of full services such as field survey, noise data analysis, plan design, production, installation, instrument and equipment etc.

    We have the manufacturing base with ISO 9001 attestation。

  We have also expanded our technology exchanges and cooperation with Qinghua University, Tongji University, Nanjing University, Jiaotong University, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Chinese Academy of Sciences (Institute of Acoustics), BSW Company (Germany), etc.

    In order to help industrial enterprises to solve the problem of noise pollution, and create a good communication platform, the regular Training of Noise and Vibration Control Engineering are held every year。

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