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Corporate league building activities
Release Date:2019-10-16

In order to enhance the communication and exchange between all employees, strengthen the cohesion of the team, improve work efficiency and enthusiasm, and build 。

On the morning of October 15th, all employees gathered at songjiang factory in Shanghai to listen to the general manager Mr。 Ren baiji's strategic deployment in the second half of the year and report the recent work results。

After the meeting, everyone went to the restaurant for dinner.

After a full meal, we went to the dry ice hockey center in the afternoon, began the fun games.

This activity requires each other to open their hearts, treat each other frankly, communicate effectively, establish barrier-free communication channels, speed up the integration of teams, play an incentive effect, stimulate the fighting force, experience the joy of success, the joy of the harvest process.

First, team members play warm-up games, ice breaking games, interactive games and so on, so that everyone can quickly integrate into the activities, to achieve the purpose of mutual acceptance, recognition and understanding.

The second is to divide the team into groups and establish the name, slogan, captain and common culture of the small team. Conduct dryland ice hockey team training according to the group, and conduct group fun PK competition to cultivate team cohesion and combat effectiveness.

The team's partners, in the game to fight hard, valiant。

Everybody on the court

Let yourself go,

It can't stop

Spectators off the court

Posing is also very hard

Although the activity is over, a meaningful group building activity is always unforgettable. At the same time, every link in this group building activity not only demonstrates the team cohesion of Fund acoustics, but also enhances the team emotion and team centripetal force of Fande. The progress and strength of the team will further promote the future of  Fund Acoustics Engineering Co.,Ltd.

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