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Release Date:2019-12-09

Company Profile

We are...

  • Shanghai Fund Acoustics Engineering Co., Ltd was established in March, 2005, which specialized in acoustics technology study and acoustic environment management.

  • In August 2018, We won the title of High-tech Enterprise.

Corporate Culture

Respect & Trust

Company Philosophy

Technological Innovation-We focus on the acoustic field, and strive to provide customers with professional and perfect solutions。

Professional-We consistently pursuing and exploring new acoustic theories, technology and ideas。

Create Value-We are committed to meet demands of customers, such as quality testing, R & D for new product, product performance assessment, etc.


We are aiming to build a company which is able to provide a quiet, comfortable, and healthy acoustic environment for people。 

We are exerting all our efforts to establish a valuable and respectable company。

Our Advantages

I。 We have our own technology research and development and experimental center which has built a semi-anechoic conversion anechoic chamber, a reverberation chamber, a sound insulation chamber and a sound insulation set, equipped with Danish B&K, Norsonic, CadnaA and other acoustic instruments and software。 It provides a solid software and hardware foundation for acoustic research and development。

II。 We have the strong ability of technical research & development and experimen。 We have developed and produced a variety of acoustic materials, acoustic structures, acoustic products and devices, such as sound absorption wedges, spatial sound absorbers, mufflers, sound isolation doors, sound shield, vibration isolator systems, etc。  And we have won many utility models patents and invention patents。

III。Acoustic absorption wedge developed by Fund Acoustics has been widely used in the construction of acoustic anechoic chamber due to its excellent performance, firm structure, safety, environmental protection, beautiful and delicate appearance, easy maintenance and long life。

IV. We have rich experiences on the design and construction of acoustic laboratories, reducing noise and controlling vibration. We have a professional team with great ability of technological innovation, manufacturing, installing and constructing. Providing a series of full services such as field survey, noise data analysis, plan design, production, installation, instrument and equipment.

V. We have the manufacturing base with ISO 9001 attestation.

VI. We have also expanded our technology exchanges and business cooperation with Qinghua University, Tongji University, Nanjing University, Chinese Academy of Sciences (Institute of Acoustics), GERB Company (Germany), BSW Company (Germany), etc.

VII. As the production, teaching and research base of Shanghai University of Engineering and Technology, Fund Acoustics and the school jointly carry out technical research. Fund Acoustics designed and built NVH performance bench anechoic chamber for new energy automotive motors for the school.

VIII.Fund Acoustics, with technological innovation as its core competitiveness, has won three Shanghai Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Awards, many times the title of small and medium-sized technological enterprises in Shanghai, and the title of high-tech enterprises in November 2018.


Acoustic Laboratory

Depending on the strong acoustic background and technical accumulation, we can provide our customers with the necessary acoustic environment for R&D and testing. Including the design and construction of anechoic rooms, semi-anechoic rooms, mute rooms, reverberation rooms, sound insulation rooms, sound insulation sleeve groups, other acoustic experimental equipment and acoustic experimental devices for enterprise R&D centers (such as automobile, household appliances, medical treatment, electronics, aerospace and other industries), universities, scientific research institutes, testing institutions, etc., to meet their products. Development and Acoustic Testing Requirements. At the same time, the company also provides technical support for acoustic instruments, acoustic software, testing methods and acoustic consultation.


  • As per clients'r equirements, we design the stimulated free sound field laboratory. Every part of this chamber is installed with high efficiency sound absorbing structure. 99% sound can be absorbed within the scope of needed frequency, which makes reflected sound wave no more than the specified range. In addition, we apply sound isolation, vibration isolation to ensure that exterior noise and vibration are not able to affect in-room test. We ensure this chamber does not have sound refection and disturb, and meet requirements of free sound field.

  • Absorbing treatment is a key point for an anechoic chamber。 In order to get the best sound free field performance, we apply wedges with great absorbing ability or flat-plate resonance sound absorption structures。

Reverberation Chamber

  • Reverberation chamber is a kind of laboratory for sound spread stimulation. The surrounding material of reverberation chambers must be thick, smooth with low sound-absorbing coefficient, so as to ensure most space of the room meet requirements of spreading sound field.

  • The center frequency can decide volume of a reverberation chamber。 It is normally an irregular cuboid with a hemisphere, cylindrical or other protruded inside stricter to maximize its spreading ability。 Moreover, we use materials with low absorbing coefficient, such as tiles, marbles, terrazzo to control absorbing coefficient at or lower than 0。06。


  • Soundproof room is used to test the sound isolation capability of building component, such as floors, walls, windows, ceilings, glass walls, partition panel, faucet, etc。 It meets the acoustic testing requirements of ISO 10140, GB/T19889, ISO 10848, ISO 3822, ASTM E90, ASTM E1414, ASTM1111。


Guizhou Mechanical and electronic products quality supervision and Inspection Institute anechoic chamber project

Size:9.20m*8.00m*6.85m (Length * width * height)

   9.20m*8.00m*8.20m (Length * width * height)

Background Noise:-1 dB(A)

Cut-off frequency:63Hz

Free Field Radius:4.4m

博世华域转向系统 半消声室

Size:6.1m*5.7m*2.4m(Length * width * height)

Background Noise:21.6dB(A)

Cut-off frequency:100Hz

Free Field Radius:2.2m

江苏云睿汽车 半消声室

Size:4.8m*4.8m*3.0m (Length * width * height)

Background Noise:14.9dB(A)

Cut-off frequency:100Hz

Free Field Radius:2.3m

宁波均胜汽车 半消声室

Size:3.5m*3.4m*2.5m (Length * width * height)

Background Noise:19.1dB(A)

Cut-off frequency:100Hz

Free Field Radius:1.5m

上海博邦汽车 半消声室

Size:3.5m*3.3m*2.6m(Length * width * height)

Background Noise:19.1dB(A)

Cut-off frequency:125Hz

Free Field Radius:1.5m

迅达电梯 半消声室

Size:4.80m*4.20m*3.54m(Length * width * height)

Background Noise:26.7dB(A)

Cut-off frequency:100Hz

Free Field Radius:1.5m

解放军理工大学 全消声室

Size:3.3m*2.8m*1.9m (Length * width * height)

Background Noise:16.6dB(A)

Cut-off frequency:200Hz


马瑞利汽车 半消声室

Size:2.0m*1.5m*2.2m (Length * width * height)

Background Noise:13.5dB(A)

Cut-off frequency:250Hz

Free Field Radius:1.0m

太仓新立汽车 半消声室

Size:3.0m*3.0m*2.2m(Length * width * height)

Background Noise:16.5dB(A)

Cut-off frequency:100Hz

Free Field Radius:0.7m

美的威灵 静音房

Size:5.0m*4.0m*2.5m (Length * width * height)

Background Noise:12.6dB(A)

宁波均胜汽车 静音测试房

Size:4.46m*3.02m*2.8m (Length * width * height)

Background Noise:23.5dB(A)

声佗医疗 静音房

Size:3.38m*2.78m*2.39m (Length * width * height)

Background Noise:15.6dB(A)

上海英汇科技 静音房

Size:2.65m*1.50m*2.15m (Length * width * height)


天祥测试 混响室

Size:5m*48m^2 (height*base area)

Background Noise:19.9dB(A)

Acoustic Technology Service

Based on the strong human resources, software and hardware resources, profound theoretical basis and rich practical experience, we provide systematic, complete, comprehensive and efficient acoustic technology services for enterprises. We are committed to improve the development ability and efficiency of customers, analysis of product acoustic performance, improve product quality, improve the customers value.

Acoustic detection of Products

Fully understand the requirements of acoustic quality testing for products. With in-depth analysis,we ues artificial intelligence(AI) technology to provide intelligent acoustic testing scheme and testing means for enterprises and provide strong support for online product testing.

Product development consultation

With the advantages of our R & D Experimental Center, we provide comprehensive acoustic performance testing for new products in automotive, household appliances, medical and electronic industries,etc。 We also provide the design of acoustic vibration experiment scheme, data analysis and evaluation。 We offer the services of the direction of research and development for the optimization of acoustic performance, suggestions of product improvement, and special consultation, modeling and software simulation participated by acoustic engineers。

Our Clients

Sincerely look forward to cooperating with you

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