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Strengthen Technical Strength and Build Professional Elite Team of Fund Acoustics
Release Date:2019-07-23

Fund Acoustics won the title of high-tech enterprise last year. And we  further won the title of small and medium-sized science and technology enterprise of Municipal Science and Technology Commission this year. As a technical company, Fund Acoustics knows that technology is our core competitiveness. Continuous training of technicians and further consolidation of technical strength are the key points we must adhere to for a long time in our work.

We have conducted many internal training work sicne 2019.The training covers a wide range, including Acoustic Foundation, Noise Measurement,Analysis of Cases and so on.

In addition to continuous internal training, the company's technicians recently participated in The Advanced Workshop on Environmental Noise and Vibration Control Technology held in Beijing。

Fund Acoustics will adhere to its own road of technological innovation。 We will constantly strengthen the professional quality of personnel, and continue to carry out technical training, laying a solid technical foundation for the future take-off!

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