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Basic Methods of Noise and Vibration Control
Release Date:2019-07-02

Friends who have participated in Fund Acoustics Training should have some knowledge of the basic control methods of noise and vibration. Today, I will review with you again:

Firstly, planning, environmental assessment, general plan and workshop layout. This is during the initial construction or renovation stage of the plant. Professional acoustics company will provide professional advice to minimize the impact of noise on people with the planning and layout.

At this stage, the involvement of acoustics companies is actually very important. Because if there is no such step, the cost of noise reduction in the later stage may be very high, or even because there is no good planning, there is no room for noise reduction.

Secondly, the noise reduction engineering. The main methods are sound insulation, sound absorption, noise silencing and vibration isolation. Among them, silencing is mainly used for airflow noise. Vibration isolation is mainly used for low frequency sound with serious vibration. Normally our noise reduction project is to adopt comprehensive noise reduction means.

Finally, the choice of low noise products。 Low noise products or equipment are developed and manufactured by equipment manufacturers。 The so-called low noise also have standard。Normally it refers to new products with the same specifications, whose noise index is 10 dB (A) lower than the original products。

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