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Fund Acoustics' seventh session Training successfully held
Release Date:2019-04-29

On April 26, 2019, Fund Acoustics' sixth session Training was successfully held in the Songjian campus of Shanghai University Of Engineering Science.

The training was supported by Shanghai University Of Engineering Science, a partner of Fund Acoustics, and received positive feedback from new and old customers and partners of Fund Acoustics。

Fund Acoustics invites the top acoustics experts in China and combines their own professional knowledge and practical experience to set up the technical training。 It is hoped that through the explanations of professional knowledge and the analysis of Engineering cases, we can solve the problem of noise and vibration in a methodical, directional and thoughtful way。

The course includes Basic Knowledge of Acoustics and Characteristics and Hazards of industrial noise, Basic Knowledge and Methods of Noise and Vibration Control, Noise Measurement and Acoustic Instruments,Analysis of Practical Cases. The participants also visited Fund Acoustics R&D and Experimental Center and various acoustic products.

Fund Acoustics hopes to provide useful support and assistance to the departments of EHS, equipment and production in industrial enterprises through such training. At the same time, we should create a good communication platform on which we can discuss and communicate any acoustic problems in the future.

Your support is the power for us to make progress and development. We will be more strict with ourselves, and strive to bring more and better products, technology and services to our customers!



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