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Going to Yangzhou in March,the misty month of flowers
Release Date:2019-03-26


Spring scenery is  beautiful. Everything recovers. Don't let the beautiful springtime down.

In this most beautiful season, Shanghai Fund Acoustics organized the company's staff to start a two-day spring tour in Yangzhou on 23rd March. The tour can enrich the staff's activities, improve the company's cohesion and effectiveness,and make employees have a better mental outlook and do a good job.

At the first stop, we came to Yangzhou Slender West Lake which is  characterized by "thin". The lake is very narrow with trees on both sides. Garden architectures in scenic area are simple and varied.

There are many distinctive bridges in the park. The Twenty-four Bridges display the beautiful scenery of rippling water. Lotus bridge is very special. On the night of the full moon,you can see a moon in each of the fifteen bridge openings. 


Lotus bridge

The first day's leisure trip soon passed. At dinner, we also prepared a birthday party for our colleagues who were born in March.  We had a very good time.

Night tour on Dongguan Street

The second stop, we came to Ge Garden which is on Dongguan Street. It was very famous being one of salt merchants'houses. Green bamboo is planted all over the garden. The most classic scenic spot is the four seasons rockery. It seems that it has experienced the whole spring, summer, autumn and winter. This is also the essence of a garden landscape. It is wonderful that through different stones piled up into a four-season scene.

The two-day journey was short and full.The tour enhanced the communication between employees, reflected the vitality of our team, and greatly enhanced the cohesion of the team.

In this hopeful spring, we are sailing forward with passion. We will devote ourselves to our jobs with more enthusiasm, and contribute  to the company!

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